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I review the new opportunities offered by the digital world to achieve the desired lifestyle. From selling on Amazon to affiliate marketing, discover how you can use your passion to generate additional revenue.

For some time, I have been wondering about what I can do to adequately finance my deserved lifestyle as well as taking care of my free time. I have realized that I have too many needs that I cannot rely on my salary. I am not alone in this. The desire to get to my deserved lifestyle led me to find out the new opportunities that I can engage for extra cash. This need for additional income is a typical demand for almost 90% of the global population of people aged 30 and over. I thought it wise to share some new opportunity ideas in the new digital world that we could all give a try. Here are some few suggestions:

1. Selling on amazon

Amazon, as one of the world’s best online marketplace, brings together both buyers and sellers.

Instead of having a large store in a commercial center, I have to stock my products at home if I have space or send my product to Amazon (FBA). Selling through Amazon is less costly than having a physical store. It reduces expenditure. It only costs you the commission on every transaction you do through Amazon.

We have different talents, which we can turn into sources of income. If each one of us can come up with the products we know how to make best, Amazon can be the right way of helping us get our deserved lifestyle. The products do not have to be vast and sophisticated. That simple thing that your talent can get you is just enough to sell. You only need to be sure that a market exists.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also another opportunity that I came across. It is to be amazingly simple for anyone with a computer and an internet connection. Affiliate marketing is all about marketing products and services which do not belong to you through your website. In return, you get a commission on every product or service sold. The buyers do not pay more using your link. You can even supply coupon code for your readers to get a discount.

The starting point is coming up with a niche for your website, especially your passion. For instance, if you are passionate about home decor, you can come up with a website and wholeheartedly write blog posts about home décor. On your articles, you then get to link a company that supplies a given product for decor that you have tested and like to use. You can be affiliated with as many companies as you wish. Any reader who later buys the item through your link becomes your client, and so you get paid when they buy. In essence, you do not need to have any product. It is as simple as speaking about your passion. Link a buyer and a seller through your website. Affiliate marketing is one of the direct ways to access a deserved lifestyle.

3. Display Ads

Have you ever connected to your network to search something online, then some messages that look like adverts start popping up on your screen? Imagine as you are there complaining about them. Someone is passively making a living out of them even when they are asleep. What if you become that earner?

Display ads are a digital replacement of the traditional billboards on the highways. They are beneficial to website owners who have high traffic. It would make no sense to place an advertisement and pay for space on the road in a remote place without users. The same applies to advertisers. They might not advertise through your website when you do not have any traffic.

Between you and the advertiser is the ad network. It means you are not going to look for the advertisers to use your website. Instead, it will be the ad network that will look for you to make it happen. With your website, therefore, you need to work on your traffic by catching the attention of all readers possible. Before you realize, you will not be complaining about not having your deserved lifestyle. You will be earning even at night.

4. Come up with a digital product

I also came up with this opportunity because I love writing. I research a lot to give lots of information in writing. For instance, I have ideas for several e-Books and recipe books. These are just examples of what we refer to as digital products. Well, we all have different talents, and each one can come up with unique products to sell online.

Coming up with digital products can take some time. That time will, however, be accounted for by the profits when you start selling them. Remember, you do not need a physical store for such products. You also do not need to meet your customers to sell or to incur shipment costs. The buyer, once interested in the product, places his or her order, then you sell the product to them. It is cost-effective to sell digital products than physical ones. The digital product has no manufacturing cost.

Getting you started

Having looked at the new opportunities given, you could be thinking that if you start it off today, you will be earning by tomorrow. Well, we all have different lucky days in life. However, the opportunities are not dependent on luck. You might have to work first before you start earning.

Therefore, before deciding on any of the opportunities, you need to know what you love and can do best. It could be that only one or two of the possibilities can work for you. You, therefore, need to do the best market research. It may be a long journey, but here are some tips to keep you on the journey to the end:

  • Believe in your potential
  • Have a company of positive-minded people
  • Invest in your education
  • Learn from other people’s mistakes
  • Be patient
  • Find a Mentor

As the world advances, our lifestyle also advances. Our needs become advanced every day we wake up. The good news is that we can reach the lifestyle that we desire. You and I have a responsibility to play. As I work on some of these opportunities, I believe you are joining me on this journey. I am sure that it is not a waste of time. I hope to see you on that other end of our joint success.

If you do not know how to do it or where to start, take a look at our free training.


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