What’s stopping you from starting an online business?


Ready to start your own online business: learn more

Having an online business allows you to enter the online economy. It is a crisis-proof business model that will resist all current and future employment crises. I can’t stay idle when I see I am going to the wall. This means I have the fundamental mindset to be an entrepreneur. I am not a victim, and I don’t want to feel like one.

Can I do it?

If I see that others are doing it and succeed with an online business, why would I not be able to do it? I just have to learn the skill needed to do the same. When I was a baby, I see all others around me walking. I don’t ask myself if I can do it. I just see others can do it. So, I do it also, and I am no crawling anymore. But to succeed, I need to be committed. If I was just interested, I was just stopping to try to walk the first time I failed.

There is too much technology

There is too much technology, and I don’t know anything about it. For sure, this whole part can be very intimidating. But I have a smartphone, and I use it every day. This is a big piece of technology too. Does this impress me? I see others using it, so if others can use it, the same for me. In fact, in the end, you have just some step-by-step guide to follow to configure all the things and have it working. Most of the time is not more complex than using a text editor or an email account. When I join the community, I also have access to a whole support team ready to solve any problem I might encounter.

Will I be able to understand all this?

I have already bought something. What is the process that made me take the plunge and make the decision to buy? I will learn all about it. Is it complicated? Not really, but still yes. It’s like walking. It’s not really complicated, but it involves a lot of learning to succeed. I am not a native English speaker, which has helped me a lot to progress in English. At first, I watch the training videos at x0.75 or x1 speed with subtitles to make sure I understand everything. This allows me to learn all this new terminology. Soon after, I start accelerating and watch most of the training at x1.25, or x1.5, and without subtitles.

Do I fail at starting my online activity?

Indeed, I can’t get everything right the first time, and I hope I won’t. The problem is that if you get it right the first time, you won’t learn. And later, if something goes wrong, you’ll have to start over. With every failure and every problem, I learn and progress along the journey of this business. It is just the succession of imperfect actions that let me progress and succeed. I have understood that not putting things online just because it’s not good enough is just your enemy. Nothing can’t be changed. So, I put it online, and my things are done. Then, I can come back later and improve things later.


Ready to start your own online business: learn more


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