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Do you know that almost half of all jobs will be replaced by AI or robots soon, and how do we feel financial anxiety when the layoffs start? We help employees start and grow a highly profitable online business from scratch, taking advantage of these new technologies. So that you can escape your 9 to 5, explore the world, and organize your life around your passion and your loved ones.

You can build the lifestyle you deserve

What does success look like to you? To be able to have a lifestyle that you deserve, the first step is increasing your happiness. Money may not be 100% of what it takes for you but having some will greatly reduce any worries about money and provide more financial freedom in general.

Define your financial goal

What are some unexpected expenses that pop up when you're building your lifestyle? Using your calculator, work out how much money it will take for you to be happy and safe. For this calculation, include all of the things that make you feel joyous- travel, a better place to live with more space so you can do what makes YOU happiest!

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Add your dream house to the total. Think about where you want to live and how much that kind of home will cost! You can find a floor plan, draw it out yourself or locate an architect who has one is in mind for you already sketched up. Once drawn, print the picture and display it on a place where you see every day- like by your desk at work or laying around with family photos in your living room so there's always something reminding you what life could look like if only...

Now, you have mainly defined your goals.

It’s time for a change

Time for change How do you plan to get there? Do you think with your current situation, that will be possible? So are things going well at work for you or is it time for a change from what's been happening in the past? I know how tough and sad it can feel coming back home after an exhausting day of commuting and spending all this extra money on gas - but don't worry! There’s hope yet. If we take nothing else away today, remember: if something doesn't happen now then eventually that means it's never gonna ever happen.

Commuting-to-work Selling your time is the worst solution

I can't believe you're still trading your time for money. Don't you see that this is the wrong answer? The only way to increase your income is by increasing your hourly rate, not being salaried with limited hours per week. Even if I multiply it 10 times over don’t think we've reached our financial goal yet do we? No, of course not because there's more work than just what happens in a 9-5 job! Stop trading your time for money.


Laptop lifestyle You have to decouple your income from your working time

So, what is the solution? One of the best ways to stay afloat in today’s economy is by becoming an entrepreneur. The solution, according to Seth Godin, is decoupling your income from hours spent working on it. Many people unwisely think that they need a job with benefits and steady paychecks instead of pursuing their passion for entrepreneurship out-of-pocket because they are afraid of taking risks or investing time into something without any guaranteed reward at the end but what if you never had those security blankets? You would be free as a bird! If you only sold one product (even though we all know most successful startups sell millions) then yes -you will lose money ,but when you make hundreds or even thousands times more than what was initially invested back.

Learning from book and laptop Learning and mentoring

How do you do it? Simply by learning? Yes, you can do it by learning. But it's not enough just to learn, because knowledge is like a box of chocolates - fun until it gets stale without the right person who can take your hand and help guide you through all those complex feelings that come up when trying something new for the first time. You need mentoring and guidance to use what you learned in the right way, at the right time, for success!

Evolution of the mindset

Mindset evolution So, if I learn and have a mentor, is that enough to achieve my goal? Not yet! It would be best if you also evolved in your mindset. Imagine that tomorrow-you reach your goal; You have the house of your dreams with all the amenities and it has an extra room for guests; Your car fits in two parking spots because it’s so big. Are you ready for THAT? No way! If anything, when we get there--we will feel like strangers trapped inside our own lives. The more you keep an open mind, the easier it is to be on your way. It may not always pay off but as long as you stay committed and true to yourself; there’s no stopping a dream from coming true!

Felicia and Robert, dedicated to your success

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