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You can build the lifestyle you deserve

To be able to have the lifestyle you deserve, you need to increase your happiness. Money is not the whole process, but a big part of your worries will disappear, if you have cash.

Define your financial goal

You need to work out how much money it will take for you to be happy and safe. To do that, take a calculator or an Excel file and do the maths, by using your current expenses and by working out how much more you need to be happy. This total will set one of your goals. Money gives you the power to do what you want: travel, move to a better place, live your dreams.

lifestyle beach


lifestyle boat


lifestyle skiing


Add your dream house to the total . Think about where you want to live. Work out how much that kind of home will cost. You can even find the house of your dream. If you do find it, print the picture and display it in a place you look at every day.

Now, you have mainly defined your goals.

It’s time to change

Time for change How to go there?

Do you think that with your current situation, you’ll be able to get there?

Are you happy with your current job?

Are you happy spending time commuting to and from work?

Yes, it’s time for a change. If you do nothing, nothing will change. It is a harsh reality.

Commuting-to-work Selling your time is the worst solution

It would help if you increased your income, but being salaried is not the right solution. Why not? Because you work a limited amount of hours per week. The only way to increase your income is to increase your hourly rate. Even if you multiply it by ten, is it enough to reach your financial goal? No, it is not enough. Stop trading your time for money.


Laptop lifestyle You have to decouple your income from your working time

So, what is the solution? The solution is to decouple your income from the number of hours you spend on it. Imagine that you are creating a new product in your area of expertise. The time you spend developing the product is not related to your income. If you only sell one, you will inevitably lose money. But if you sell millions, you will be wealthy. You can do this, even if you don’t currently have an idea of a product or even how to create a new one.

Learning from book and laptop Learning and mentoring

How do you do it? Simply by learning? Yes, you can do it by learning. But is it enough to achieve your goals? No, because you also need mentoring. Now, you may ask "why do I need mentoring"? Because knowledge is not everything. You also need to interact with the use of your newly acquired knowledge. For example, you can learn the piano by yourself, but only a mentor can correct the position of your hands, the right rhythm, the passion you need to put into your playing.

Evolution of the mindset

Mindset evolution So, if I learn and have a mentor, is that enough to achieve my goal? Not yet, it isn’t. It would be best if you also evolved in your mindset. Imagine that, tomorrow, you reach your goal. You have the house of your dreams, and you have enough money. Are you ready for that? No, you will feel like a stranger in a strange life. Your mindset has to change along the way to be prepared for your dream to come true.

Be patient, commit to your results, and follow the path.

Felicia and Robert, dedicated to your success

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